What is the purpose of this blog?

It is primarily a place for me to place all of my thoughts and feelings, in an attempt to either let go of them, or reflect on them further, on my spiritual path.

It is my hope that you least might find it useful and be able to relate to some of the challenges, so that you hopefully understand and learn some things quicker than me, if you’re set on the same path.

What is this journey about?

The chaos of life, conditioning, and navigating a path through it.

Who am I?

Nobody special. The facts of my life says that I am a man, born in Denmark in ’79, who’s been raised in a fairly normal middle class family – by loving parents. I’ve had several relationships, the longest being 8 years – with nothing to show for it than experience.

I am also a person who’s been struggling with understanding my masculinity, while having identity- and trust issues, depressive thoughts, and feeling of a continuous failure to be in, and understanding this world.

I’m actually not a religious or spiritual person – but I want to become so much more, and it seems that this road is right for me.